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My exams are all over! I’m free until College in September :3 send it confessions, gogogo!!

So, three more exams then I’m free from school until College in September! Hella excited…so yeah um send confessions and I can do them as soon as possible my lovelies:3

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, I’ve had my final exams…I still do until the end of the week. I’ll post more after then though! Send in plenty of confessions guys!

Do you guys want me to post one of those collage thingies of the marshmallow treats video?:3

Anonymous: Marzia's adorable voice is absolute perfection~!!


Anonymous: I totally understand why Marzia seemed that way in Pewds video with Zoe and Alfie. I also suffer from social aniexty. I know how she feels and I know I'd seem the same. I'm glad she pointed it out after all the comments about her hating Zoe and Alfie.
xxamyb: I went round to my friend'a house recently and she has a pug that looks similar to maya. I couldn't stop calling her poor dog puga!! Xx

It’s not a bad thing…I’d think of that as complimenting the dog! xD x

Anonymous: Why does felix treats marzia that way he throws things to her and screams etc i think he is mean

They’re only messing around dear, they’re having fun and being silly! No need to worry, they’re a great couple :)